G D Em Bm I stand on the stern of a sixty foot narrow-boat Am G D G Fifty-five feet from the solid fuel stove D Em Bm Cold and alone, drenched to the bone Am C D G Oh where is my mate? Oh where is my love? Me mates in the cabin of the sixty foot narrow-boat Forty five feet from the cold and the wet She’s cosy and warm, sheltering from storms I asked for a hot brew, she’d best not forget The kettle’s been on in the sixty foot narrow-boat The tea long-since brewed has now all been drunk Me mate’s in a comfy chair, eating fresh cream éclairs My hopes of a hot drink seem scuppered and sunk There are problems galore on a sixty foot narrow-boat Communication being one for a start An intercom was installed, so me mate could be called But dead dry-cell batteries now keep us apart Though luxuries abound on this sixty-foot narrow-boat Few are apparent as I stand and steer Miserable, feeling blue, desperately needing loo Cross-legged I pray that my mate will appear I've not been forgotten on the sixty foot narrow-boat Me mate ventures out with refreshments at last And though I’d prefer a tea, she brings a cold coffee With an iced currant rock bun whose sell-by’s long past Temperature’s rise in the sixty-foot narrow-boat Resentment and anger simmer and grow When the silence is broken, harsh words are spoken And me mate returns tearful to the cabin below And what is the name of this sixty-foot narrow-boat What name was it given by my mate and me Was it Odin or Thor or some god of war, No, my mate and me live on board ‘Harmony’
Sixty Foot Narrowboat