D G A7 D My boat has no heating I’ll have you to know G D G A7 But I venture out in the rain, sleet and snow G D G A7 And when most canal boaters moor up for the night G A7 G D With their solid fuel stoves and halogen lights G D A7 D I join some strange folk from the NCCC G D G A7 Who sit on the towpath avec bonne joi de vie G D A7 D Just chilling all evening round a brazier so bright G D A7 D Feeling warmth and warm friendship long into the night G A7 G D Some waterway lunacy has got to me G D A7 D And I’ve been committed to the NCCC These North Cheshire Cruisers have developed strange ways Which envious onlookers damn with faint praise No piped restaurant musak with no harmony For pyrophilic members of the NCCC Who’ll sit round their brazier and bathe in its heat Not search for a hut with a pizza Marguerite Eat burgers on the towpath ’neath rain-soaked marquee Drink home-brewed red wine whilst making whoopee The attractions of braziers may seem strange to the wise Who firmly believe that smoke gets in your eyes But these brazier enthusiasts are not complete fools They’ve long since discovered pre-packed smokeless fuels These are sweet smelling boaters, I hope you’ll agree No longer they smell of wood smoke pot-pourri They’ll add fuel and more fuel ’til the temperature soars And a perfect micro-climate is created outdoors
Brazier Song